Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Hometown... Finally Taking Time To See a Sunset This Summer

With my job comes LONG hours.. working weekends.. and holidays.. and I just dont get to have the time to enjoy summer like many do. I miss that.. I miss it a lot. Tonight I finally decided to take time out for me and head down to Lake Michigan, which is only 1 mile away from my home. We have the MOST beautiful beaches here and the most awesome sunsets. Look at what I got to view tonight...

Isnt that awesome? The sound of the water hitting the shore and a distant laughter of the kids playing in the sand. Summer time here is awesome. I just wish it was like this year around.. ;) Take time out for YOU.. have a great night!


Sharon Margiotta said...

Wow, thats gorgeous ... I can hear the waves lapping on the shore .... the cool breeze in my face ... ahhhhhhhhhh!! Well I'd better wake from that dream and get back to my concrete floor and now furniture!!