Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow.. last day of January already??

Hard to believe tomorrow is February already.. this means Valentines Day is approaching FAST.. if you haven't started to make your valentine something.. its a good time to think of doing so! :) I made a cute bouquet with the lollipop decor I made earlier last week.. I thought it turned out kinda cute! On the cards above I used the sweetheart treat cups.. and filled them with little edible goodies. Aren't they adorable?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I should be sleeping..

But.. Im restless. I cant get comfy when I lie down. I have a nasty cold and this bug is just lingering.. so.. I thought I'd blog what I've been up to. I got a lot done this weekend crafty wise. Here is something I put together and more to come thru the week in between my start to remodeling my bathroom. Should I take before and after pics...? I'm almost embarrassed to show you what it looks like because I have lived w/ my bathroom this way for omg.. 20 plus years. Why? No idea.. Just always had other things that have needed to be done first.. and my stuff comes.. last.. but now.. im to the end of the list.. and its MY turn! Yippee.. ! Anyway.. here is a little somethin.. somethin...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Goodie!!!

Alrighty.. here is another card.. Last night I had some fun. I will have to post some more later for you.. but for now.. here is a cute CASE'd card!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A bouquet for YOU.. my blog followers!

Just because.. you all rock! Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a great weekend.. I'm off to get inky and try to forget how yucky I feel with this cold. Take time to be creative!

Go Red Wings!! (Just Have To Share!)

Wednesday night Jan 26th I was able to get to my 1 game a year hockey game. I love hockey.. I love the aggressiveness of the game.. I love the men in their hockey uniform and the "disagreements" on the ice. I love everything about it.. its full of action and fast paced. I thought I'd share a few pictures. I wish I could bring in my Digi SLR but they frown on that. I usually get a seat on the ice but this year.. tried a different spot.. row 8 just above the tunnel and where they sit on the bench. Loved this.. I got to see all my guys in action.. close up. Woohoo!!!

Warming up for the game against the NJ Devils.. the Devilssssssssssssss!!! >:-)

In action... n stuff.. and by the way.. they won!! 3 to 1 over the NJ Devils.. Woohooo!!! Aren't they just adorable?? :-)

More Valentine Stuff

More eye candy for the blog! Using all Stampin Up stuff.. so much fun!! I love Valentines Day, because I get to use my favorite color......... PINK!! :) I woke up with a cold.. I'm all stuffed up and I have a sore throat. This is not good.. I have a full day of stuff I want to get done and I'm on slow motion.. hoping to kick this crud quick. I went to a Red Wings game on Wednesday night and wondering if the guy coughing behind me was the one who gave me this bug. Dadgummit!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sale A Bration Starts Today - I love this time of year!

That's right.. sale a bration is here!!! Yippeeee!! For every $50.00 you spend you can get a freebie item!!! Free is always a good thing.. and hey.. stamps rock my world! Wanna check out a catalog? Click HERE. Want to place an order? Contact me at :)

Awesome! :-)

Tonight I participated in a shoebox swap with my downline buds.. downline "sisters" so to speak. It was a lot of fun! I just thought I'd post a few pictures. This was fun.. thank you Jenny! (egads you can tell I'm not real steady with my new camera.. ack! LOL)

More Love To Share!

Here are a few more cards... all stampin up products.. :) We used the speciality designer series paper in the Occasions Mini Catalog (Love Impressions) along with basic gray cardstock and real red and basic gray markers. Stay tuned.. more tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Sweet Stuff.. Love Is In The Air

Valentines Day is 21 days away.. wow.. its creeping up on us quickly. Did you know Valentines Day is the 2nd largest card sending holiday? It is!!! Here is some more creations.. stay tuned tomorrow for more! These are those boxes of candy conversation hearts... we got this idea from Jenny, our SU Rockin Demonstrator!

Lots to do today.. make sure to take time to be creative!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eye Candy for Valentines Day

Hi Everyone.. I've been busy this weekend.. got the creative juices flowing and I have been playing with paper and ink a bit. I dont want to post everything in one post.. so lets stretch it out through the week and get you all into the Valentine's spirit. :) Here is a few things made.. all stampin' up stuff.. So, speaking of candy.. we decorated these heart shaped suckers with some cardstock and DSP. Don't forget the blingy red heart.

And a few more sweet things, because YOU are just so sweet...

Using the sweetheart treat cups and filling them with m&m's, they are sure to be a hit! Yummy! And, here is one more treat for today...

These are simply adorable. We used the heart suckers and made them into flowers. I CASE'd some of this stuff and used the ideas and tweeked a few things here n there.. :) Lots more to show you, so stay tuned thru the week. In the meantime.. take time to be creative!

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Valentine Stuff!

Yes, I am on a roll.. I forgot I had these cute little cans.. ! They are fun to decorate!! I got these ideas thru another blog on line.

I also got this idea from a SU Demo's blog.. I thought this was pretty darn cute!

 I will be getting with my stamping buddy tomorrow.. so stay tuned for more fun ideas!!! :-)

Getting Into The Groove Of Valentines Day

I have been wanting to do a little stamping with my new goodies. I was away for 10 days and it threw off my creative juices. I am slowly getting back into the groove. I love valentines day! Wanna know why? Because I can use pink, pink and more pink.. and a splash of red.. and gray and more pink! LOL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Journey To AZ - Part 2

Ok.. lets see if I can post pictures. I hate to post without pictures. It's makes me feel like I've forgotten something! So, lets see... I took a trip to the botanical gardens. We were able to see the butterfly exhibit too (which was actually more colorful than the cacti ). A butterfly even landed on my mom's hand! :)

We were able to once again catch up with my Aunt and Uncle for dinner. I got to see my cousin who I have not seen since I was 10 years old.. he has his own little girl now who is 9 and she is absolutely adorable!

We then took a day to chillax.. I think I had tired my dad out. LOL. He hates to drive.. and well.. to sightsee it requres driving. We did go to Sun City AZ to visit my GREAT Aunts and Uncles. This was a treat. These relatives I had not seen again since I was maybe 10.. My Aunt Clara is 96 and my Uncle Walter is 104.. soon to be 105 in April. They live in a posh little home.. nothing like i had expected.. this place was super cool and if I live to be this old.. I want to be able to get around like they do.. they walk yet.. and I want to be able to dance and be hip like they are! I got to watch my uncle who is 104 play the organ. It was truly amazing. Here are a few pictures...Here is their dining room.. how fancy!

 This is my Aunt Clara and Uncle Walter's place... I think she has the same furniture she has back when.

 My aunt has always collected tea cups.. what a pretty display.

 This is my aunt Clara who is 96 yrs old.. and her saying was.. "gee I just forgot what I was saying, but my doctor says.. that is what you get for living this long.."
 This is my dad, my uncle joe, my aunt clara and my mom...
 This is my uncle walter playing us polka's !! I was totally amazed at how active he is .. awesome!

 This is my uncle joe, my mom, my dad, uncle walter, my aunt clara and my aunt Kathy.. and btw, my uncle water re married at age 99.. what a stud muffin!
After Sun City.. I got to see my Arizona girlfriends !!! I met up with Debbie who owns Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale AZ.. check out her store if you are ever around cuz its awesome!!! Here is what it looks like inside. We also went to dinner at a fabulous place called the Herb Box.. OMG.. it was.. foodgasmic..!
 We had a great time at the Herb Box.. and blackberry mojitos rock, just say'n!!! Sharon was an awesome hostess. I got to stay at her home. It is so beautiful. Sharon, thank you so much for letting me stay with you. It was so good to see you!!! She took me shopping and we met up with Roxanne (another club scrapper gal) and we hit the antique store, SAS a fabric store.. and we ate at this cool place called Two Hippies. Great burgers and flavored lemonade. It was cool.. had this big weenie on the rooftop! LOL. We then went to sprinkles and headed home and looked thru Sharon's amazing scrapbooks. She is so talented. She inspires me. Her artwork is all over the house.. its so super cool! One thing I messed up on.. was getting a picture of her and I together.. I didnt get any.. I'm so bummed. How could this possibly happen?? :-( Anywho, this was my little vacation.. and it was a lot of fun.. I really dig Arizona - I certainly love the weather! Ooh and this store.. (below).. how could I forget THIS store.. the French Bee.. OMG.. drooling just looking at these pictures again!! I loved this store!! Needless to say.. I did walk out with a bag and yes I had to ship!

 I bought myself one of these body forms.. isnt it cool? I cant wait to get it.. suppose to arrive friday. Yay.. Sharon got one too and I cant wait to dress her up!
 A cool paper chandelier - love it!!! Look at all the goodies... amazing! 
 Sharon did pretty good shopping for treats too.. you go girl!
 Roxanne behaved with only a little bag.. it was so good to see her too!
 This is where we went for lunch.. it was really good and very eclectic inside.. I loved the decor!

 Ok.. all I can say about Sprinkes is.. FABULOUS and oh my.. so.. german chocolategamic.. YUM!!!

 So, there ya have it.. my adventure to AZ.. It was a very enjoyable stay!!! I just wish I could have brought back the AZ sunshine and the warmer weather.