Thursday, March 31, 2011


Good Morning Everyone!!! This week is buzzing by fast! Today I was proud of myself. I rejoined Curves and got back into the groove. That was a big thing for me. I've never been a huge exercise nut (that explains my fluffy appearance LOL) but.. I know how much it imrpoves my attitude and just over all health and outlook on life. So, back I go.. ! Along w/ getting back into my exercise groove, I have gotten back into my stampin groove (that always makes me smile!!). Here is Thursday's card.. enjoy and have a great day! I'm seeing my 5th day of sunshine in a row.. for northwest Michigan.. that is a GREAT thing!

Simple, but sweet.. Happy Spring (even if it is only 32F here this morning.. brrrrrrr!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Card! Happy Wednesday!!

Here you go.. more spring and Easter inspiration :) Im very partial to this card - all that pink makes me happy!! I found this card on Stampin Connection and fell in love with its layout.Have a super duper day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some More Spring & Easter Stuff....

Here is today's card... enjoy! I'm off to a stamp a stack in a few hours, with my upline, Jenny Peterson. I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Egg-Stra Special :)

Easter is approaching soon.. and Spring is too (hopefully!).. and what better way to celebrate than to get inky and make some springy Easter cards.. I got these ideas from the Stampin Connection, my upline, Jenny Peterson, her upline, Kimberly VanDiepen and I believe Tami White as well.. I am quite the blog hopper and when I cannot think of anything creative on my own but want to stamp... that's what I do to get ideas. So, this week is CASE'd ideas. Here is one of them.. enjoy! If I am wrong on the credit here (which I think I am.. but there was no name on the photo.. I sincerely apologize.. but know this was not my creative thought.. but someone else that I loved.. what a cool color combo.. one I'd have not thought of for an Easter card but I do love it!).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gettin My Rubber Grove Goin! :-)

HI Everyone. After a rough start to the weekend, I decided to get out those little rubber buddies of mine and stamp a bit. Stamping is great therapy for me.. stamping with Lucinda is even BETTER therapy for me. Between my best bud and my stamps.. they keep sane! :) I will be sharing some good stuff this week.. I have to admit.. I needed to help in the creativity department to kick start some ideas.. so these are CASE'd cards. It felt good to creative a bit.. This is a new Designer Series Paper coming out as of April 1st. Isnt it awesome? I love the colors.. I just love paisley. So, giving you a sneak peek at what is to come VERY soon - contact me if you are interested :) In the meantime, take time to get INKY! Below is the promotion details:

Promotion details:  Spring is Blossoming with Sneak Peek products from the upcoming 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog. Your customers can get these brand-new products in one of two ways:
  • Spend $20* on any Stampin' Up! products and become eligible to purchase both the Four Frames Set and Paisley Petals Designer Series Paper.
  • Host a $350* workshop and get the Four Frames Set and Paisley Petals Designer Series Paper for FREE!
*Net sales before tax and shipping
Start planning your spring workshops now so your customers can get their hands on these exciting, new products in April--three months before the debut of the new Idea Book & Catalog!

Four Frames Stamp Set
W: item 123440 | $20.95
C: item 123442 | $15.95
Paisley Petals Designer Series Paper
item 122367 | $9.95

Have a GREAT night! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Think Spring? I'm Trying!!

I look down at the end of my drive on Ludington Avenue and this is what I have seen today.. brrrrr !!!

Ok.. I know it doesn't do any good to complain.. but seriously? This is March 23rd for petes sake. Spring, please come back. I miss you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Back... and so much to share!

Hi Everyone! It seems like forever since I have posted anything. When I got back home from Vancouver, I felt so tired! I was trying to adjust back to EDT and get back into my "routine". I'm still having a hard time with that this week.. I need some energy! I think part of it is the weather. I cannot believe it is snowing again! EGADS! Seriously?! LOL.. Ok.. so onward with all my goodies...(although not stanping goodies... yet!). So, I headed off to Vancouver. I flew into Bellingham Washington, and I was picked up by my good friend, Maureen and her boyfriend, Phil. On my way into Bellingham, this was the view. I had to grab my camera between the turbulence. It was so way cool!

 The first day there.. Maureen took me to the famous chain "White Spot" for lunch.. YUMMY!! We then went to the mall and I got myself a new sweatshirt... a Canada sweatshirt of course (with the olympic logo on it and some mittens too!).

Maureen is a hoot! We had a great week. We did some sight seeing with her Mom, Sister (Susan), and her daughter Carly (who reminds me of my niece so much.. she is so cute!). Here is the beautiful girls I got to meet on the friday I was there..

We did a little sight seeing in a town called Steveston. It was a cool port town.. the weather most of the time I was there was rainy.. that is how it is in Vancouver in the spring.. so pictures were limited.. but here are a few. One of the places we stopped was this cute little boutique Irene (Mau's mom) loves to shop in. I did get a blouse and a cute ring. We stopped at a craft store and found these worms.. it was a kids toy but we had a few giggle and we had to buy a few for the DJ's to make life interesting and get of course.. more giggles!

 This is the little mall where Maureen lives.. West Minster (yes.. I had a hard time pronouncing her town). Tee hee! We got starbucks there.. I had to have my starbucks fix!

 Here is the sky train. It was like a disney ride for 3.75 mid day and 2.75 at night. It would take you across Vancouver. That is Maureen saying.. OMG.. the camera again? (I warned her.. I'm a shutterbug!)

 We went to Milestones downtown to meet up with some other friends. Had a good time and this fancy schmancy drink. Isnt it neat looking? Had a good time!

 Above, Maureen and Phil (the FAMOUS Mr. LG73) and below is Nilton.. a DJ from LG73.
 And.. below is Dave and Karen.. Dont they make the cutest couple?? Awwwww...!

 On Saturday, Maureen and I had the pleasure to hang with Jim and his girlfriend, Stella. They are awesome and make a great couple! They took us over the LG bridge (super cool!) .. btw that stands for Lions Gate bridge, and to Stanley Park and Grandville Island. Thanks you guys.. it was GREAT fun.. we even got to sample a Beaver Tail - A canadian "elephant ear".. YUM!

 This is Stella, Jim and Maureen.. we were digging those Beaver Tails.. and below is the LG Bridge!

 Pictures from Stanley Park. As you can see, the weather wasnt the best but we made the best of it! :)

 We had a great meal at Maureen's house. Her mom makes the BEST spaghetti sauce.. it was fun to have dinenr with all these fun peeps! You guys rock!

 This is Jim and I.. he and his girlfriend Stella took us all over to sigh see.. you guys are awesome! Thank you so much.. I had a great time (I'm wearing my new Canada sweatshirt.. pretty cool eh? LOL)

 I got to use the "big foamy thing" .. Phil brought all his tech equipment so we could all be on air. I do DJ on line.. its a fun hobby along with my crafting. I love music.. so if you didnt know before.. you now know, I am a dj on Check it out.. Mau and I have a show on Sun days at 6pm EDT :)

 Phil was singing.. and really getting into it! Look at those lips! Tee hee!!!

 Maureen, making some ID's for LG73.. this was a lot of fun too!

 Here are some phots from downtown Vancouver. It is such a cool place. I wish the weather would have cooperated. I tried to take as many pictures as possible :) You can barely see the mountains here in the photo below.

 The bus link routes.. I could really get lost here.. Vancouver is HUGE!!!

 This is where Maureen works. Isnt she cute? Work it girl! It was fun to meet some of her co workers too! They were very sweet.
 We checked out the Keg Restaurant while out and about..this is where Karen's 50th Birthday would be on Tuesday night.
 I love starbucks. Did you know there are 2 starbucks downtown that are kiddy corner of each other? Crazy but true! That many people are buying coffee and $5 a glass.
 Ok.. here is Karen's 50th Birthday Party at The Keg. I met some really cool people. Karen is also known as Punki. She is sometimes on the air too.. she is a sweetie! In the photo above is myself along w/ one of her caregivers, Amy and Karen herself. Phil made this cool "sign" with his iPad. Cool eh?

 A few of Karen's caregivers, Elizabeth and Amy.. they were very sweet :)

 Here is Nilton, Phil and Maureen having a good time at dinner - Party party!

 Elizabeth and Amy.. arent they cute?
 Nilton with Karen... smile birthday girl! :)

 This was outside of The Keg.. Dave, Karen and myself. It was a good time had by all!

 This is Maureen and Phil on our way back home on the skytrain. Look.. matching iPhones.. LOL! You two crack me up.. thank you for a great week you guys...!!! *HUGS*

Now.. on my way home.. a few days later.. I got my new little girl, Krystal. Below is the breeder, Jennifer. She is a sweet lady. I got Ruby from her as well. Krystal is from different parents, tho.
 Me and Krystal.. isnt she just adorable? I love her markings.

Shew.. I think that covers all the time I have been gone. It has been an amazing week and a half or so. Have a great night and take time to be creative.. which is what I need to do.. I need my stamping fix.. SOON!!!