Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vote For Ruby, Please!

Hi Everyone.. I need votes.. LOTS of them.. tell your friends.. tell one.. tell all LOL.. Vote for Ruby please..*xMjU*MTA*NTkwNzk2JnA9NzM*ODIxJmQ9Jm49ZmFjZWJvb2smZz*xJm89Y2ZkODY1ODI1NmUwNDM4YmE*YzM*YTMxOGExMDE2NGUmb2Y9MA==&s=1

Wow.. if that link could possibly be any longer.. we'd need a second blog LOL. Thanks you guys!!! Ruby sends puppy kisses!

Smile! Say Cheese!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had as good of a week as I have had. It has been SO busy! It started friday night and I just got home a little bit ago. What did I do? I took an amazing photography class by Todd & Brad Reed. Here is their website: AMAZING photography! They were so helpful and fun and friendly. We had a great class of about 12 people. Everyone's work was unique and just darn right cool! I want to get more creative with my photography.. and this was a great start. I learned a lot about manual settings.. about light and composition and the artistic side of pictures.. after all, photography is ART too! Its an expression of yourself.. your emotions and what moves you - it's why you took the time to take that photgraph. So, here is a sample of a few pictures I took during class time at the Ludington State Park. Also visit my FLICKR website - check it out.. lots of cool pics!!! I'm kinda proud of myself.. I am not so imtimidated to play with those manual settings anymore. We were shooting at 7am and then went back to the park at 7pm and stayed until 930pm.. well after dark and its amazing what light your camera will see, that your eye will not!

Friday, September 25, 2009

OMG.. Too Funny!

Hi Everyone! I have something I have to share with you. I was getting ready a lil while ago and talking to my friend Robin on the phone. She was asking about how Ruby the new puppy was doing. I said.. she is doin great and today she had a vet appt and had to get her shots.. and she is an angel tonight, I think the shots wore her out (which is a good thing!). There are some nights I cant keep up with my puppy.. she is like having a 2 year old in the house! I have a photography class this weekend and tonight I need to go to a meet n greet thingy.. so I was touching up my makeup n such.. and when I turned around and out the bathroom to change, I walked back into the bathroom to this.. Ruby has a thing about my towels.. and now a new thing for toilet paper. The funny thing is.. she has to jump just right to get to the part of the roll that has a loose end. I thought I heard her lil bells jingling (yes I have put bells on her so I dont step on her and I can somewhat keep track of where she is.. she is so little).. she is obviously getting the jumping technique fine tuned.. I ran and got my camera in the process of this.. and even tho I cant stand my bathroom (and it is going to be the next thing I remodel in my house) I just have to share this with you.. and OH... Ruby knows home improvement too.. see where the wallpaper has been removed? Oh yeah.. you guessed it! Ruby!!! I'm still giggling!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stampin Par - Tay!

Hi Everyone! I am exhausted but my head is spinning with some AWESOME ideas. I had a stampin up party tonight. There was a great turn out of gals. We had a GREAT time and Jenny Peterson, my StampinUp Consultant rocks! I hope Jenny doesnt mind me posting the projects we did, along with my hostess gift (the blue box of peppermint patties) and also.. some of the wonderful creative ideas she brought with her. I had to get some pictures. Check out this CUTE Christmas card using the negative part of the embossing template and brayering it to give that cool "two color" effect. Also, we made this cute matchbox and inside are the most adorable gift tags. This is Jenny's blog: Check it out cuz she has some very cool stuff. I had just about 20 gals show. I was so proud of my mom, even SHE tried to stamp. Im trying hard to get her addicted but I dont think she has the patience for it. But, Mom was a good sport and gave it a go and I'm happy she did participate. So, now that I cant sleep, even tho I'm totally exhausted.. I must share all this wonderful stuff. Thank you so much Jenny - the party was a lot of fun and you really are one very talented lady and so patient too!

I've been slacking!

Hi out there. My blogging has been slacking big time. Hi Sharon!! You asked for it, you got it. Here are more pictures. Ruby and Jasmine went to the doggie spa today. This was Ruby's first experience with the groomer, Laura. BTW, yes, that is Laura. I've been in a creative slump until this week. I have a Club Scrap Retreat Ill be attending next week (yes I have a swap thingy to work on and Ive yet to do that yet).. tomorrow I have a Stampin Up party (yeehaw!) with Jenny, who is a GREAT consultant. Also.. this weekend I have signed up to take a photography class with Todd and Brad Reed, local photographers in town here.. and cant wait to learn more. I want to take more creative pictures. Ill post more soon, I promise! Have a good Thursday, ya'll.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ruby's Home!

Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I've posted. Finally... Ruby is home! Yesterday was a long day but a fun day. Even got to stop at PetsMart on the way home to pick up a "few things" and make a few new friends too! Everyone wanted to hold her.. and I have to admit.. she is quite adorable! Like a mom with a new child, I'm sure you will all get sick of me posting pictures of her but .. I just can't help myself. Happy Weekend!