Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toby Keith Concert!

Hiya.. Just thought Id share a cute pic of the 4 of us gals at the Summer Celebration in Muskegon last night. This was taken with Lu's camera. Thank you for sharing the pics, Lu! This is left to right.. bottom to top... Ronda, Lucinda, Cheryl and Myself. It was fun.. great music!!! Thanks for asking me to go you guys! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Deer!

I took a ride today just outside of town and spotted a cute lil thing having lunch.. isnt she adorable?
She was near the Ludington Pump Storage Plant..(a hydro electric plant) that is managed through Consumers Energy.. which looks like this............

What's Old Is Cool.... Again!

Years ago when I was growing up, my mom and dad did a side business collecting antiques. I can recall being toted around with them into old barns and stinky stores.. hunting for the gem that they could resell. My mom was into depression glass and my dad enjoyed rebuilding pump organs, and other furniture. I can remember my mom downstairs stripping yucky furniture and making it look so beautiful, rediscovering the wood underneath some distressed furniture with years of built up paint or the like. She'd re cain chairs and they'd reupholster chairs. In fact, today, my parents have the best of the best pieces in their summer home. The pump organ still works, the victor record player still plays.. and the claw foot table with the press back chairs still used as their dining table for special occasions. I swore Id never want to see another antique in my life! As I have somewhat grown up (ahem! hehe) I have learned to appreciate what is old.. and look at it with a whole new perspective. What is old.. is cool! Today I took a few minutes to check out Cole's Antiques (which is next door to House Of Flavors Restaurant) and browse around.. as I am thinking of a new little project for a "naked" shadow box. An idea which I seen on Tim's blog.. and I'm looking for just the right things to fill inside it. I didn't find anything in particular today that would fit in this box BUT.. I am eyeing this typewriter.. and check out a few other things that caught my eye. This typewriter is sweet!!! I'm thinking of how I'd display it. Hmmm! Check out the spices. I can recall my Grandma having a cupboard full of these.. and it brings back memories of her baking in her kitchen and her letting me lick the spatula everytime! Take time to roam and check out some of that old stuff.. ! Just think of all the cool stories some of those antiques could tell!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking Time Out To "Breathe"...

I've been wound up like a tight wound clock. I stress out over things I cannot change - I totally hate that.. but it is just part of my genetic make up. So, today, I took some time out after dinner to treat myself to an ice cream at House Of Flavors downtown. I watched the Lake Michigan Carferry (SS Badger) come into port and took some pics at the Ludington City Marina. I thought Id share my stroll with you all.. I hope you enjoy.. and always remember to take time to breathe. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Ok.. deep breath! The Gus Macker Basketball Tournament is over. Thank gawd! As an innkeeper, this past weekend was just stressful. I know some will slap me for saying this.. but I tolerate that basketball tournament because they wont get rid of it locally. I wish it would go away. Running a nice inn, its hard to see young people come into town thinking they are invincable and want to party and not give a crap about anyone or anything but themselves. Ok.. off the soapbox, Dawn. Honestly tho.. the most stressful weekend of the year is done. Even the 4th of July is easier than that crappy basketball tournament LOL. Ok.. I know.. slap me! It is just an Innkeepers nightmare.. and thank goodness it is done for another year!

So, today, to take a little time to relax.. went to visit my parents who live 15 miles south of me, on Bass Lake. It is so chillaxing out there. Seriously! Nobody is screaming.. no kids racing around, just peace, quiet and a nice scenery. We had dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. My Mom loves the birds, and has a lot of bird feeders in the yard... I captured some pictures of a mama bird feeding her young inside a birdhouse along the patio where my dad built some decorative birdhouses. Ruby thought it was fun too - she was chasing the birds in the yard the whole time.. those poor birds! Happy Fathers Day, Dad!!!! Love you :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Take me out to the balllgame!!! Go Tigers!

Hey batter, batter, batter, SWING! Yesterday I took a day off and went to Detroit to see the Detroit Tigers Baseball team play. They played against the Washington Nationals.. and we was 8-3, sweeping the 3 game series. Woohoo! Way to go Tigers!!! So, I thought Id just share a few moments with you. The stadium is very nice.. somewhat "new" too! I got to see the Jazz player outside the stadium (who is always there), bought some sushi to nibble on before the game, my lemonade, and of course.. had to get a stadium hot dog.. (pictured down below is Walt, who signed the hot dog in mustard with his name.. wasn't that creative?? LOL). How much more "Americana" can one get? :) Oh, and that pic of the "dude" on the screen I took, that is the one and only Kenny Loggins who sang the National Anthem. Cool eh? Those people w/ those groomer broom things.. they are like the "dirt zamboni peopole" for the field. LOL. I brought back a free souvenir, a sunburn.. but it was fun and my days off in the summer are few and far between.. this was much needed before the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament I deal with this weekend..:) Take care and may your weekend be fun, warm, sunny and creative! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food Art...!

Even food is art! Look at this pizza.. doesn't it look good? It WAS!!! Made from fresh herbs from my herb garden.. YUMMMM! This is what I remember when in France.. delicious!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stamp Club Rocks!!

Tonight was stamp club. 14 women in a stamp studio.. equals.. FUN!!! Here are some great ideas Jenny brought with her.. she makes the most adorable cards. I love them!!! The last 4 pictures are our projects we did tonight for club.. pretty darn cool stuff!!! Love love love it.. and did I say.. I loved it? The "Bee Card" was time consuming to cut out each piece but when this card took shape... WOW! Look at the Crystal Accents used.. makes the honey look dimentional and "wet" ... Cool eh? Happy Stamping!