Friday, July 30, 2010

Something I just have to post about! A super cool gift!

I wanted to post this - it is so way cool! When Terri and Sharon arrived.. I gave them a few goodie bags with some local souvenirs to take home with them. Terri gave me this super cool art box. The drawers open and the entire box was decorated.. all hand made. I have to show it off.. it looks awesome in my studio. Thank you sooooo very very much.. I LOVE IT.. I "heart" you guys.. please come and visit AGAIN soon!

A cool snail mail!

I have a good friend who is stationed in Iraq. He sent me something that is just pretty darn cool. He has been stationed in Camp Bucca, Iraq. He has been there since January and is there for a year total. I do on line radio and I interviewed him and his good buddy, Greg a few weeks ago. As a thank you he sent me this really sweet t shirt. Jim, I love it.. thank you so much! You SO ROCK! (Even tho you kept teasing me about your Penguins Hockey Team.. pfft LOL) He and I go round and round about the Detroit Red Wings and the Penns - both being hockey fans but of rival teams. (See a previous post where I had to wear his Penns jersey because I lost a bet.. !)

PS.. I loved the designer envelope it came in.. made me giggle! Be safe!

Time With Friends...

Hi Everyone! I have a few cool things to blog about. Where to begin!? On Tuesday of this last week, I had two very good friends visit. Sharon from AZ along with Terri Z from WI took the carferry across lake MI to come and see me. I was so excited when I heard they'd like to come visit me and see Ludington. So, we did just that. We had dinner on tuesday night on the deck of Jamesport Brewery. It was fabulous! We spent all of Wednesday being tourists in town, a quick ride to the state park, and a quick visit to Pentwater. We completed the day with ice cream at House Of Flavors, and a walk on the Ludington Pier to the lighthouse and experienced the most fabulous sunset. Thursday morning they were back on the carferry headed to WI. Sharon and Terri - it was so good to see you both. I miss you already. I can't wait to catch up again........... soon! Here are some pictures of our adventure!

Here they are coming into port!

Shopping and finding some great stuff at the local antique store

Out at the State Park

House of Flavors Ice Cream... YUM! (bench lickers as the locals call em!)

Our stroll on the pier.. what an awesome night for this!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Challenge With "Camp Hey N So" With Club Scrap!

This weeks challenge was to use any April or August kits.......... Hmm.. I only got a few 2 page spreads done.. Not so good, but, hey.. its getting me back into the scrapbooking mood.. I am loving this! Happy Sunday and Be Creative!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking the Camp Hey And So Challenge With Club Scrap...

Ok.. I'm not the fastest scrapper or stamper right now (because my business  is seasonal and I don't have the time I'd like to play with paper).. but I decided to sign up to be a part of Camp Hey And So with Club Scrap (check them out at and they are giving us weekly challenges. I'm having fun even tho I'm not able to do a whole lot.. its slowly getting me back into the scrapbooking for fall. Here is my first layout in over 2 years...! Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby is 1 today! Hip Hip Horray! The sad things was.. she was afraid to even dive into the cupcake. She actually behaved herself when I didnt want her to! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Stamp Club Rocks!

July stamp club was upon us quick.. and we had a great time. The grouping of cards and 3D project was made at stamp club. Jenny you are da best coming up with these projects and cards.. Love them!! The other pics below are cards Jenny has made that help spark our creativity! I love ideas.. I cant get enough ideas.. :) Enjoy and take time to be creatuve!
Ok.. here are some of Jenny's ideas we made:

Christmas in July!

Hi Everyone. Today in the mail I received something VERY cool! These were handmade by Anita. Anita now lives in Louisiana. This woman is amazing. I met Anita on IRC. Every now and then you meet something completely amazing and just a genuinely "good person".. Anita is one of them. Anita has been hand knitting these precious stockings for others in Iraq and she was sneaky and asked me about my tree. Of course.. pink rocks.. and look what she did!!! She made me these adorable hand knitted stockings to hang on my tree. They are adorable!!! I love them Anita.. thank you so much! Those who will receive these in Iraq will be smiling!!! (she didn't make theirs pink by the way.. LOL). Mine were special order. :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!!!

From Ruby................... (yes.. her mom dresses her funny!)

The Fine Arts Show!

Hiya! As tradition goes.. I always like to go to the Fine Arts Show on the holiday weekend. Lots of cool things and I found some great goodies. I splurged and got myself a ring. I bought a cute sweatshirt. I also got these great finds.. the birdhouse is bought from the same lady I got my cool metal mirror from last year. The "ART" sign was something new I seen.. I love it!Hope you are enjoying your Independence Holiday Weekend! Be creative!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Downtown Ludington - Farmers Market!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Independence Weekend! I hope it is a wonderful and SAFE celebration for all! I went out for a little fresh air today to the Farmers Market right downtown. It is pretty darn cool. There are both local farmers selling fresh produce and goods along with some like my friends, Denise Jones (and her husband, Gene) & Laurie Carey who are selling their art things. Very cool! I wanted to go down and say hi!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Awww.. byebye baby!!

Ok.. this is silly I know.. but.. she has been a GREAT truck. She has gotten me places in a foot of snow.. and I will miss her. My "scrampr". The lease is up tomorrow so I took it back to Urka's today. I have a new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee on order and I wish it was here........ yesterday! So, in the meantime.. I drive the blue truck.. the "work truck". They say good things come to those who wait.. so.. im waiting..... Byebye Escalade! (uh yeah.. I kissed my truck goodbye!! LOL). The worst part was.. I had an audience behind me!!! I'm a nut.. and I work hard at doing so!