Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay, Lee!!!!

So, one of my most favorite things I watch yearly has ended. Last night was the big night. Lee DeWyze has taken the season 9's title of "American Idol". Yay Lee.. you rock.. and it was very much deserved. I do have to confess.. I also love Crystal.. I know both will be very successful. I wish them both much success!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

With Spring Comes Yard Workin` Stuff!

Hi All! I've been slacking blog wise.. my creativity on making stuff and stamping and all of that fun stuff has been put on the back burner til things settle down just a bit getting ready for the "kick off" to the summer season at the Inn. I thought Id take a few pics of some of the lil improvements and such I've been up to. I usually like to do a few projects outdoors each spring. The next big project will be a new fence around the pool area. Oh joy! LOL. So, here are a few pics of the grounds.. (not as fun as the stamping stuff but.. necessary stuff). I think Michigan jumped from early spring into summer.. it is 80F plus today.. talk about roller coaster weather! Have a great day! And.. to all of my Canadian Friends.... Happy Victoria Day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attn Stamp Club Members!!! Goodies Have Arrived! WaHooooO!

You betcha.. and they are hot off the press.. and sorted and ready to take home and play with for endless hours.. Happy Stamping!!! :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local Stamp Club Stuffs!

Hi All!! Stamp Club came and gone quick.. it was a lot of fun.. and as always we made some great projects. We made a few Graduation cards (one has a pocket inside for goodies.. like money or a gift card, we made a small goodie box and also made a "best wishes" card.. which could be used for a lot of different occasions. So, now.. i sit and wait a week until the UPS man brings stamp club goodies that I can fondle and sort :) Happy Crafting!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Monday's Class (5/10/10) With Leisure & Enrichment Locally - Contact Denise Today!

Hi Everyone! If you are local and want to learn how to make this great piece of jewelry out of Tim Holtz's Idea - Ology line.. please call up Denise at 231 757 3471. It is a 2 hour class and you will be able to wear this pretty piece home.. or give it to Mom for Mother's Day! It will be taught by yours truely! :) So, sign up and enjoy a few hours with me! Happy crafting!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Novi Mega Meet!

Its 230am.. I wake up.. use the restroom.. go back to bed.. I get up again at 445am.. Ugh! Up n adam! Get ready to go.. feel like zombie woman and head down to Novi for the Great Lakes Mega Meet. A one day marathon of getting there.. shopping.. and coming back home.. all by 6pm! Holy moley I'm tired.. BUT.. I got to go to my FAVORITE booth.. Stampers Anonymous! I filled my heart with rubber stamps. Oh my! I now have Wendy Vecci's newest set and Tim Holtz's new set! I got to visit with Tim, Mario and Ted. It was great to see my friends. I still look exhausted in these pics but I just had to share.. (just wish I was more photogenic.. ugh!). Oh and the other thing I did pick up.. a few things from Tim's Idea Ology Line - Sweet! Here are a few pics from today................

This is Ted.. Mr Stamper Anonymous himself demoing while Tim was teaching class..... (he did an awesome job!)

And some of the goodies!............

And Sharon.. I seen these and I had to get them............ (it's all your fault...)

It was fun.. I'm glad I was able to go.. but I have to admit I'm exhausted! For those headed to the Mega Meet this weekend.. enjoy! :-) Happy Crafting!