Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Holiday Fun & Friends....

Its fun especially this time of year to get with friends and have a few laughs. For me, girl time is like cheap therapy! I've been under a little bit of stress.. so the laughter is a good way to cure some of it. Today, i met up with Jody, Pat, June, Colette and Tammy at a lil pub downtown. We had a great lunch and 3 hours flew by fast. We found Santa in the phone booth too! I think he was having a little refreshment on his way back to the north pole. :) It was good to see you guys.. thank you for the laughs, the good times and friendship. Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Together With Friends Around The Holidays!

Ho Ho Ho!! Happy Holidays.. as they approach way too fast.. yikes! A small group of us gals from High School decided to get together for a little holiday cheer. This is something we dont do often enough and we had a great time.. along with myself there was Lucinda, Cheryl, Nancy (who is home from the Navy for the holidays), Ronda, and Janet. It was a lot of fun.. and on our way out.. we got to see Pat and Terri. You all look great.. as always! It was so much fun.. I cant wait to do it again! Hugs to all.. and may santa stuff your stockings full of treats.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sprinkles and camels!

After the HH was over.. Sunday we took off and went to Phoenix early. Lia followed and we met up with our friend Sharon!! Sharon, it was so good to see you.. I've miss you so much. You rock girl! It was so much fun! We all got to have lunch together. We then went to Sharon's house and got to meet the rest of her family. What a cool studio she has.. I have to show you all (she is gonna kill me.. but this is a great pic of her). She also took us to a place called Sprinkles. Have you ever heard of it? Its basically a very YUMMY and expensive lil cupcake but.. worth every penny! So good!!! We then took a peek at her beautiful home and walked the Phoenix Zoo and seen the Christmas lights.. which was so much fun. We met up with a young man who was giving camel rides.. ! Did you know.. camels do not spit? Also.. you don't have to feed a camel for 8 months? A camel can go without a drink for 3 months and..... they dont store water in those humps.. its purely just fatty bumps. Who wouldda thunk? LOL. So, see.. the zoo was beautiful and educational.. I still say.. camels would be much less maintenance than dogs! I don't want a hippopotamus for Christmas.. i wanna camel! :) Thank you Sharon for spending your day with us.. it was so much fun and so great to see you! Merry Christmas!! *HUGS*

~~~... It's the MOST wonderful timeeeeeeeee.. of the yearrrrrrrrrrrr.....~~~~

When you are at Holiday Hideaway.. and hear that tune.. you perk up and the ellves from each table run.. get those brown paper packages tied up with string.. and you know.. those are a few of your favorite things. All I can say is.. wow! The generosity of everything we got as gifts at the HH were amazing.. thank you so all the sponsors who pitched in and especially great big thank you to Alain, co owner of Ranger Ink who packaged up the new Distress Inks so we could sample them.. and they do rock.. I cant wait to get my hands on a set! Also.. a very special thank you to Sizzix.. as we each got an electric die cut machine.. amazing!! Truely amazing! I'm just still in shock.. pinch me! So, day 2's projects were shipped home from Prescott.. and its saying I wont get them til Monday.. so I cant really show ya my grunge book (actually I sorta accidentally messed it up.. so you get the idea.. no pics of it.. its kinda yucky LOL).. but the other project we did was a dimentional canvas Christmas themed. It is very cool. :) Ill also show some other misc pics from the great time at HH! Thank you so much Tim, Mario, Michele, Kim, Keychain.... and the list goes on.. what a wonderful time!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some of the projects.. a quick peek!

Where Is Dawn and what is she up to?

So, I guess I didnt totally explain.. but I'm in Prescott AZ for a Holiday Hideaway. Im having way too much fun and right now.. sleep is highly over rated. :) Today we did 5 projects.. my brain is a bit mushy but its also spinning with great stuff.. and new ideas. So, I am not sure what to share first.. cuz honestly Im just so estatic about what I heard about today..

Ok.. first.. Tim Holtz is coming out with his own
line of dies for the sizzix machine.. called Tim Holtz Alterations.. omg.. these are to die for and if you dont have a sizzix.. you will definately want one now. Just a FYI, they do cut thru grungeboard. Woohoo! So, you wanna peek at one of the dies.. ?? BTW, we did a project today with grunge board making some roses.. which I think ill wait and post tomorrow cuz right now if i type too much.. im able to make some huge typos.. cuz I do need to try to sleep but.. here it is............
Also.. rumor has it.. ranger has some exciting news for CHA.. some new ink colors.. and thats all Ill say about that. :) Sweet! Um.. what else... ? Ill show you some of the projects in a seperate post... sweet creative dreams!

Friday, December 11, 2009

And they say it isnt cold "out west" .. Ha!

I just wanted to show you all that it does get cold out west.. brr! I was shopping downtown for christmas gifts and found these really pretty bushes.. look at this ice!

Challenge: 1 Gingerbread Kit, $10, and it ALL Has to be Edible!

So, you got it.. the challenge.. 1 gingerbread kit.. 6 people.. given $10 and it all had to be edible.. the judges.. from a store locally.. and we had 1 hour ish or so to decorate.. I have to say this was a lot of fun! This is our "creative cabin" complete with parsley trees and broccoli bushes. Here are some other gingerbread houses too... enjoy! This was really cool.. and you should have seen all of us at the grocery store "sneaking" around with our goods.. trying to be original with what we used.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goooood Evening!!! Ok.. I had to do Tag #5.. I just had to. I don't think ill have time to do any more tags til I return home. I take off for Arizona Tuesday and I just have way too much to do before hand.. but this was fun.. and gave me some other great ideas! I love how he uses the foil tape on the fragments to really make them look like little ornaments.. how clever! Love it, love it. I hope you have a great night and a fantabulous rest of your weekend! Take time to create!

Friday, December 4, 2009

12 Tags Of Christmas.. Tags 3 & 4

I know I'm going to fall behind on my tags as I venture off to Arizona next Tuesday.. this weekend is busy busy busy.. but today Lucinda was over and we had a girls "crafty day". It was kind of last minute which made it even more fun! Here are tags #3 and #4 of Tim's Tags Of Christmas. Check out his blog at Ho Ho Hooooo...!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the 12 days of Christmas.. Tim Holtz Gave to me.... 12 tag challenges to make my tags pretttttyyyyyyy....

We are into the 12 tags of Christmas. Visit Tim's blog at He has kicked off the 12 tags of Christmas and getting me back into a creative "kick" .. and I'm loving it. Im digging out some supplies I've not used in a while.. and just feeling my head spin with some new ideas ans some great helpful tips I'm learning too. The size tags are #8 manilla tags (I didnt have any spare so I made these tags out of a manilla file folder.. cool eh?). Here are tags #1 and #2. Enjoy!