Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fredrick Meijer Gardens In Grand Rapids MI

Butterflies are so "in" right now.. and this was so cool to see. Ive been to FMG just once before.. and it has been a few years. I got some great pictures. I love butterfriles.. they are so peaceful. The sun was out so they were very active. I just thought Id share a few of the day's event. Enjoy.. !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Trip To Jenny's House for a VERY cool 3 project class!

Jenny has the neatest ideas! I loved these projects. Jenny, thank you for sharing these projects with us. I really really dig these three. We made a mini book with gassine envelopes that were sewn together. We also made an A2 sized card complete with detachable gift bookmark (so cute) and we made this adorable birdhouse with the lil mini carton diecut. Love it! I just had to share. Happy Stamping!

Monday, March 29, 2010

With Spring Comes............... My Harley!

Hi everyone!!! It is a sunny day here in NW Michgian (altho its lacking the warmth part!). Starting to clean out the garage.. put the snow plow away.. and put the bike in the garage. Isnt she a dream? LOL. She purrrrs so nice.. and is LOUD. I love her! Started her right up and let her run a little bit after a long cold winter alone. So, she got to see sunshine today.. there isnt insurance on her yet (that has to wait due to finances) and the weather here is still pretty chilly in the 30s 40s.. and low 50s (when we are lucky). I just prefer to wait til I dont have to freeze my tail off to ride. This is the bike I had a painter use Perfect Pearls on (a Ranger Ink product).. so it truly is a papercrafters bike :) Have a great day! Oh and Sharon & Terri.. HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you both. I wish I could be there with yas where its warmer! :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whatcha think?

I really wanted a 3 column blog .. but.. hey.. this will do for now. I love it!!! Its more "me" I think. Let me know what you all think? Let me know.. leave a comment.. (don't be shy). I love to see who passes by my blog! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend. Happy paper crafting. :-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Needing A Template Facelift!

Well, after about 5 hours of *trying* to give my blog a facelift and in the process saving all my gidgets and gadgets.. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not always so witty and smart. The blog templates have the best of me. After searching around I found a beautiful blog template i MUST have.. and I have emailed this wonderful lady who designed this blog for some professional help. I can't wait to hear from her.. as Im really in need of a makeover here. It is sooo pretty.. pink and vintage shabby chic.. oooh I'm excited.. lets hope she can help me with my *issue*. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Forget Mothers Day Or A Birthday Coming Up!

Me and the stampin bud, Lu.. stamping again today since she has to work this weekend (bummerooski!).. so I thought Id share a few things while she left for a few for an appt. Hehe! I'm trying to make up for a few days of no blogging, can you tell?

Some Other Ideas On Easter & Spring Cards From Stamp Club & A SU Party With Jenny!

Just to share some really cool ideas for Easter and Spring.. aren't these cool? Or, should I say "darn cute"!? I haven't blogged in a few days. The nerve eh? LOL.. Have a great Wednesday! Happy Crafting!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Cards

Putzing around with my punches.. did a little "punch art" lately and came up with some really cool designs. I cant take credit for it tho.. my stamping buddy, Lucinda did the punch designs while I was using the sizzix machine and trying to re figure out my Quickutz Silhouette machine that I politely cussed at - LOL. Hoping you have a Hoppy Easter!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Organizing - Stampin Up Paper

We have the neutrals, the naturals.. the in color, the 4 "color groups" of bold brights, earth elements, rich regals and soft subtles. After a while it gets overwhelming when things are not organized. I used to have all my SU paper organized. Then, I had a flood in my basement. The plastic accordion folders got water in them and destroyed a lot of my collection of SU paper. Not good and yeah, kinda pricey. Id buy a pack of each color..back then. Slowly I'm replacing what I have when I can. I had all of my paper in packaging though and after a while it was getting frustrating trying to find what i needed. Lu and I took a quick trip to Staples and I got this box (that matches my lime green basement) for $10. I bought the hanging folders for $11 a box of 20. Today we sorted out our papers and filed them. I'm very anal and I even went to the extent of displaying each color in each folder of each "category". It took a little extra time but now that it is done, I'm very happy. I will now be able to find it at a glance and that means more time spent stamping and less time spent hunting down what I need! So, check out your local Staples if you need a new way to organize a lot of paper. :) Happy Stampin`!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soooooooo.. then I became inspired by a card we made....

And........... I took that thought and ran with it.. making 2 sets of 9 cards each as gifts - a little something to say thank you to a few people :) It was fun and it only took a few hours.. this is a stampin up set and I used the rich regals colors along with some soft suede. I love love love this new soft suede color.. it goes with EVERYTHING and I love to sponge the edges with it. I also am really digging kraft colored cardstock and I think I need more of that too! Have a great weekend. Happy Saturday!

Cards Lu & I Made Friday Night!

We were putzing around with a new stamp set that I'm just loving like crazy. It has more of a vintage feel to the set.. and I just cant get enough! Let's show ya.... (yes, I've been stalking blogs and CASEing things.. ). Happy Stamping!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yummo!!! Blu Moon Sushi

Hey.. Don't wrinkle up your nose. I used to.. then some young man got me hooked on this stuff (thanks Tim!). It was sushi night and last minute after seeing some pics on FB i just had to go.. I needed my Sushi fix. Blu moon does a nice job. The Margarita and the Creme Brulee wasn't bad either. YUM.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speaking of NEW stuff!!!

Yay.. guess what arrived yesterday?? You guessed it.. stamp club stuff!! OMG.. I was in heaven.. !!! I love it.. i love sorting and looking and thinking.. oh yeah.. i need that NEXT month. Its a great way to enable oneself. :-) So, stamp club members, your goodies are here! I had to take a pic of the boxes.. what I seen on it cracked me up and made me smile! :)

Spring Cleaning!

Hiya papercrafters! Well, it is that time of year.. spring.. which means.. spring cleaning! I have gone thru a lot of my stamp sets and have downsized. Why? Well, because I want MORE! You know how it goes.. ya see stuff.. ya want it.. no room for it.. thus.. go thru what is not used.. and replace with NEW stuff! Retail therapy is good for the soul.. and hey.. why not give what ya don't want to a good home? Al tho, when I was going thru these sets at times I was saying to myself.. "what the heck was I thinking?" Oh well.. styles change.. my tastes change.. just like fashion.. so does paper crafting. I'm more into the vintage, shabby chic, and distress type of look now. So, if you are on ebay check em out.. i have over 80 sets listed. I have a "wish list" started already.. so I hope I sell this stuff fast! Have a great day.. and hey.. weekend is getting closer.. yay! Happy crafting! Hugs!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Olympic Mittens!

Is it coincidence? They are shaped like Michigan!! Tee Hee. These mittens were shipped to me from a good friend in Canada, Eh! Connie, thank you sooooooooo much. I really wanted to go see the Olympics.. and visit a friend in Vancouver.. but I just couldnt swing it.. but.. the next best thing.. is getting those famous Olympic Mittens. These are SOOOO cool (and they are the same color as the Red Wings - even better!). I just had to show these off.. I'm tickled RED! I love them.. so much. Thank you again, Connie, my Canadian Friend.. YOU ROCK!!!! :-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

He shoots.. he scores!!!!!!!!!

Uhuh.. thats what I mean.. hockey.. the best sport ever.. I mean look at the puck.. look how graceful they are on the ice.. how they make the game look so easy.. Yeah.. easy.. easy on my eyes... LOL. Ok.. Dawn, get serious!!! *laughin* Can you blame me? I mean seriously!!! We had glass seats at the Joe in Detroit. I love hockey.. I have no idea what the calls are.. the rules.. but I tell ya what.. when you are sitting 3 feet from this glass wall and the guys smack against so hard it knocks beers over.. you are PART of this action baby.. Oh yeah!!!! So, yeah.. we went to see the Red Wings tear the crap out of Nashville. It was sweeet. They won 5 to 2. Detroit is 3 hours (well the way i drive 200 miles.. yes.. 3 hours hahaha).. and a weekend was made out of it.. shopping.. eating (PF Changs.. yummm o!) and hockey.. then up to shop again.. and slowly work our way back home.. to little ole Ludington. Ok, now.. for some serious pics of the game..

Oh and by the way.. Archivers says hi to all! I had to get some scrapbook retail therapy in there too. I also hunted down Scrapbook Zone. They have moved about 3 miles from their original location. They are so friendly! I also stalked Soma, Chicos, Eddie Bauer, Talbots, and Coldwater Creek.. some of my FAVORITE stores.. and the fashions this spring are cute!!! I love the spring colors.. its about time.. especially when you live in Michigan and see snow from November to April. UGH! Happy Weekend All.. here are some more pics of the game....

I see Canada , Eh!!! Waving to my Canadian friends in Ontario!

Hey Hey Hockey town!!!!

Ok.. Guess who? At the bottom of the steps.. glass seats to the best place on earth! Pound on that glass girl.. show those players who loves them!

Zambonis rock! Just say'n!

Never do this DURING the game.. you WILL wear it.. I moved my hot cocoa just in time but the donut holes went flying when they smacked into the glass right in front of me.. awesome!Score!

Look at the size of that hockey stick!

The look of concentration!

So.. rough n tough! TeeHee!