Thursday, September 23, 2010

40+ and time for glasses!

I got my new specticals.. oh yeah.. sexy specs LOL. I have worn glasses since I was like 2. My parents had to strap the stupid things to my head when I was that young. I've always had issues with my eyes. A bummer but true. In 1999 I had lasik done. As wonderful as it has been to be without glasses I was told and knew that it would not be a permanent fix with my astigmatism. I know I have bad eyes. So, as I'm into my 40s.. its time for glasses once again. I don't want to think I will have to wear these all the time but I must admit.. they make a big difference just sitting here in front of my pc. Not wanting to admit it.. I'm getting "older"... gasp!


Sharon Margiotta said...

ah ... older but better!

Corporate Logo Design said...

Looks better...Its recent days people also wear this types of glasses .
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