Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi Everyone! How are ya? For those who know me.. know I love gadgets. I probably get this from my dad.. although he is on the extreme of this. My "extreme" is my scrapbooking, but I love technology even as much as I get flustered with it.. I love it. So, just for kicks and to well.. blog.. I went around my studio and took a few pictures of things I "dig".. can you tell what all of this stuff is? :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


One thing about me.. I'm a neat nick One thing I try to be is very organized.. ok wait, I'm obsessively organized.. except for the ribbon bin which was constantly over flowing in my studio. When Lu and I went to Muskegon a week ago.. I bought a new container for my ribbon. I finally got to that little project and re organized my ribbon. Yay me! I love that I can see what I have now and don't have to dig to the bottom to see if I have a particular color. So, how do you organize your ribbon? :-)

Chasin the winter blues away.. using some new stamps.

Happy Thursday. It is a sunny one. I got out today.. for a change. In the winter Im a hermit. I hate the cold, I hate driving in the snow.. even looking at the snow makes me cringe. Im just not made for winter weather. Why do I live in Michigan? I'm really not sure sometimes. Summertime has its benefits but winter.. bleh! So, to chase a day of blehs.. Lucinda had the day off, and we stamped all day long. The day started with brunch complete with mimosa (ok the mimosa was a mistake.. sorta.. I felt sleepy after eating.. almost too relaxed to think - I have to stay away from alcohol when I stamp!). But, as we got going.. we really went to it. We each made 26 cards. We dug into some new papers and stamps that I just had delivered thru stamp club. It was fun! I was digging making valentine cards. We had warm chocolate chip cookies.. and then later.. pizza for dinner. We made a full day out of it. Here are some of the cards we made. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few brown boxes...(I'm smiling!)

I'm jumping for joy.. yippee!! Ludington Stamp Club goodies arrived today. My UPS man didn't let me down! This is when the joy of opening a brown box, and fondling all the goodies and sorting and and and.. oh my!! Need I say more? LOL. So, yeah... I have an addiction to rubber.. whats it to ya?? :-) Seriously tho.. it was fun to sort all of this stuff. It is going to be like Christmass every month all year, as we meet once a month right thru December of this year. Yeehaw! Now, I'm assembling my stamp sets and ooohing and ahhhing my goodies. I cant wait to stamp with Lu and make some Valentines stuff.. ! Happy Stamping!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When it is cold.. there is one thing to do... STAMP!

Happy Hump Day! It has been a few days since I've blogged.. yikes! It has been so darn cold here. I am not one who loves winter in the least.. in fact.. I hate it! Yes, hate is a strong word and I mean it LOL. But, to chase those freezing temps away.. Ive been stamping.. stamping with my friend Lu. We made a great bunch of cards this last weekend.

Then.. there was stamp club which started last night. Twelve ladies and one fantastic Stampin Up Demonstrator (check out Jenny Peterson's blog link to the right) who has some pretty creative cool ideas.. Ill share what we made last night.. cool stuff! Sale A Bration is going on right now, which made it all that much more fun.. whats not to love about freebie
extras, great friends, yummy food and fun!?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brrrr !!! If not found by spring.. please call 911! LOL

Holy cow.. its snowing.. and snowing.. and did I mention.. snowing? It has not let up since Christmas.. and Im sooooooooooooooo tired of the snow! Please, make it STOP! LOL.. Here are some pics of around my yard.. and also Lake Michigan which is 1 mile down the road from me.