Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few brown boxes...(I'm smiling!)

I'm jumping for joy.. yippee!! Ludington Stamp Club goodies arrived today. My UPS man didn't let me down! This is when the joy of opening a brown box, and fondling all the goodies and sorting and and and.. oh my!! Need I say more? LOL. So, yeah... I have an addiction to rubber.. whats it to ya?? :-) Seriously tho.. it was fun to sort all of this stuff. It is going to be like Christmass every month all year, as we meet once a month right thru December of this year. Yeehaw! Now, I'm assembling my stamp sets and ooohing and ahhhing my goodies. I cant wait to stamp with Lu and make some Valentines stuff.. ! Happy Stamping!


Sharon Margiotta said...

I wanna come play too!!! Love unpacking those big brown boxes, especially when they're addressed to me!