Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday MDS2 Digital Download Day!

Hello friends!!! Today is Tuesday, which means.. digital download day for MDS fans!! What is MDS? Ooh well let me tell you, it is fab! It is the digital paper crafting solution by Stampin` Up! So many cool things you can do with it!

Just so share, I made this layout the other day:

This is my Ruby girl. She is a handful, but a delight to have around the house. She is my girl.. and she keeps the younger cocker, spaniel, Krystal in line.. or, is it the other way around? :) 

Ok.. now, onward to to some more info on MDS2. If you are interested in this cool software you can check it out here and also here. To order MDS2 and also grab downloads, you can visit here, to grab those downloads

Color Me Christmas $3.95 #132818
Every Reason & Every Season $3.95 #132847
Folded Friends Designer Template $2.95 #132846
No Peeking Stamp Brush Set $5.95 #132849
Winter Memories Stamp Brush Set $3.95 #132850
Book Buddies Designer Template $2.95 #132814

Thank you so much for stopping by! Keep warm and stay inside and stamp! Have a great day!!