Sunday, August 15, 2010

25th Class Reunion!

 Wow.. where has 25 years gone? It seems (sometimes) like just yesterday we were all roaming the halls of Ludington High School - our clicks and groups all hanging out.. and being how kids can be. It was interesting to see everyone, and lots of fun. Neat to see what everyone is doing now. Some people change, some don't. I tried to be outgoing and say hi to as many classmates as I could. My class was right around 200 kids (I think) and wish more would have been able to make it but not too bad of a turnout considering. It was a lot of fun and Cartier Mansion did a great job hosting our crazy bunch. Here's to the class of 1985. Next reunion I request bigger names on the tags or ill have to bring my reading glasses along! Tee Hee!


Sharon Margiotta said...

Glad you had a great time! You never know at those things! Is that that cool mansion we kept driving by?

Dawn's Creative Chalet said...

It is the cool mansion we drove by right on the avenue. it is such a pretty home inside too! The woodwork is amazing!