Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stamping On Tile!

Hi! Good evening! I have something awesome I wanna share with you! I took this class with my Stampin Up consultant tonight with jenny (who by the way.. rocks!!!). Isn't this cool! I mean.. think of the possibilities with this.. any theme.. color.. woohoo.. gifts galore. I didn't take pictures during class (I think I'm going to over wear my welcome with my camera in their faces) but I just had to share this! AWESOME class, Jenny! Buy those cheapie tiles at Lowes and get your pigment inks out and go to it.. SWEET! I had a good night.. nothing like a dose of creativity to get me back on track :)


Sharon Margiotta said...

Ah, how simple and sweet! And a great excuse to buy more of the cool photos stands at Hobby Lobby!