Sunday, July 26, 2009

THE Bet !!!

Hi there! Well what can I say.. I HATE loosing a bet. But.. a bet is a bet and win or loose I will hold to my end of the bargain. A friend of mine from Alaska, Jim, is a BIG Pens Hockey Fan. I am a BIG Red Wings Hockey fan. We made a bet during the playoffs. IF the Wings would win the cup, Id send Jim my Red Wings Jersey to model and take pics in.. but if the Pens won.... well you get the picture. As you can see, I lost... but I have to say.. it was fun. I did do a slight no no.. (i cant help but giggle) but hey.. its what ANY Red Wings Fan would do.. honest !!! Go Red Wings!!! Just remember, Wings will always RULE and the Pens will always DROOL!


DeepPrpl said...

Oh so now I see how you are - so devious. But hey.. I would have probably done the same thing :-)

Darren said...

Dig the cute gal in the footy shirt wink wink ;oP

DrewCarey said...

Pens ROCK look hot in BLACK and GOLD.

What do you say, we do it again. Same bet but lets base it on who goes farther in playoffs since we won't know who will make finals to face the PENS!

I have to admit the Red Wings are looking a bit younger after cutting loose Chelios...what is their average age now...47?

Hugs n Eggsnogs.